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Scheduled shows table

Show de Buceo

In order to show the visitor that sharks do not harm the human being, and promote the care of this and other species exhibited in the central fish tank, Mazatlan Aquarium began with the Diving Exhibition where the species Shark Cat (Ginglymostoma Cirratum), Surgeon Gray (Acanthurus Xanthopterus), Snapper Snapper (Lutjanus Novemfasciatus), Chiro Fish (Elops).

Here you will know everything about its origin, habitat, food and characteristics of the specimens that will surprise you.

Show de Lobos Marinos

Without a doubt, the star show of the Mazatlan Aquarium is that of Sea Lions (Zaluphus Californianus). In his presentation of approximately thirty minutes you will know everything about this noble species and you will want to return, since with the help of their trainers the specimens manage to make an interesting synergy steal more than a smile and hundreds of applause. This exhibition began in December 1990 and currently this area has nine specimens of which six are females. The stars of this exhibition are Bony (32 years old) and Tito (10 years old)

Show de Aves

With the presence of 32 birds of 14 different species, which have come under the protection of the Mazatlan Aquarium, this area is one of the favorite by the visitor. In the theater specially adapted for its presentation, you will know its origin, characteristics and capabilities with them. Some of the species are Scarlet Macaw, Green and Golden Blue Macaw, African Gray Parrot, Cockatoo and Magpies.


Given the need to socialize the characteristics of animals classified as predators, and thus contribute to the conservation of these species; In 2011, the Mazatlan Aquarium began the exhibition of Predatory Animals, with species that are placed under its shelter. Here you will know the importance of conserving each one of the presented species since they have a vital importance in the life cycle. The stellar Max and Francisca take two Gray Foxes who participate in the act. But you can also meet the Great Horned Owl and Coffee, Aguililla Gris, Cara-Cara Falcon, Tecolote Llanero and the Barn Owl.

Know the schedule of the Shows in Mazatlan Aquarium: These times are set from Monday to Sunday and WIN are subject to change without notice *